Hello fellow "Developers" I am trying to create the local search functionality for a website using C#/APS.Net going against a MSSQL Dbase. I'm not really sure where to start. I have uploaded an attachment of what I think needs to be done. If someone could have a look and point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Also, if I'm not mistaken I would be developing this as a component to be integrated into the site which already exist. THX!!!!!!!

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Is there a reason you search in this way ? It is possible to join the results from all tables in a single query.


This is the specification that was given to me. So I was actually wondering if it could be done in a single query. Also, just using the [textbox.text] property. My main problem is using the proper logic. The proper code to be written for the button & textbox that will alow for the search of content local to the site. By entering the text and then hitting search.


If you have to follow the spec, i wouldn't do it in a single query.

Any way, you need to have code to connect to the database and retrieve the information. You can find a lot of working examples online.

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