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Well to retrieve the entire page use file_get_contents() then preg_match_all() to filter to that table. Below is an example

$var=preg_match_all('/<table class="vert_centered_leaded" style="width: 100%;".*<tr>.*<tr>.*<\/tr>(.*<\/table>)/Us',$var,$array);
$var='<table class="vert_centered_leaded" style="width: 100%;">'.$array[1][0];
echo $var;

Usually I only use curl if it involves pinging or posting to a server.

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code is much appreciated, sorry for the late feedback


If PHP has decided that filename specifies a registered protocol, and that protocol is registered as a network URL, PHP will check to make sure that allow_url_fopen is enabled. If it is switched off, PHP will emit a warning and the fopen call will fail.

Also if someone gets wary of the ip address that the request is being made from your server ip could get blacklisted. with curl you can change the headers being sent to mirror googlebot or what not. Then none would be the wiser.

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thanks for the info, sorry a very late reply
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