Hi all,
i am new to php, i dont know how to run the php files, i am going through some tutorials, but not able to install it on my pc.
i have dowloaded . . but dont know how to proceed further
so please help me out ......


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Well installing is just as easy as downloading if the download the right file. Download the xampp package and installation explains itself. Also after installing xampp you will need to go to the xampp control panel to turn on mysql and apache/httpd. The link for it is http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html


Hi cwarn23,

I dowloaded xamp, but still i am getting an error.. while installing
the error is......
windows cannot find setup_xamp.bat file, please type the name correctly and then try again


Sounds like you might have downloaded the development version. Try downloading each Windows version and try each one until you find one that works. If that doesn't work then could it be because your running Windows Vista?


Hi ,,

yes what u said was right..... i am running it in windows vista.......so how should i proceed



Well I would suggest downloading the zip from this link (wait for the advertisements) then extract it. I myself haven't used this method so I will advise as you go along. It may have an auto extractor which will automatically send the files to the right locations or you might need to extract the files to C:/xampp Do that then post the results and what method you used.


I have a question for you. Does wamp have a control panel to restart services? Just a thing that comes with xampp that I'm not sure about wamp.

Yes it have. I have used both XAMPP and WAMP and they are good. But I have loved WAMP than XAMPP. It is nicier and have simple access to features like PHPMyAdmin

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