HI all,

I am working on webdirectory in php. There are many links of many websites. Now i want to make that when any one take cursor on that link then it should show a thumbnaill of that website or snapshot of that website. I want to do that . I think you got my point.
If anyone not got my point. Let me explain:
Like here is one Link <a href="www.mysite.co.uk">MY SITE</a> when any one take mouse cursor on MY SITE text then this should show thumbnail of that website or snapshot of that website.

Please help me . How i can do this.

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1. There are paid services offering this.
2. Create a webservice which can create such snapshots on demand. In the backend you'll need an application to download the page and save the output to an image.


thanks for reply,
You mean i will have to pay for this snapshot???
is this not free of cost. But i was thinking there will be some code to show this snapshot.
If such type of code is available . Please help me to provide such type of code.


thanks for so much help,

But please help how i can get this code for thumnail. and i can do implement in my website code.
please help me to do so also.

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