Hello i want help on saving large text into the database and the structure of the data should be maintain i.e the paragrah,insertion point, list example if i enter a an html code structure in a textbox on saving and retriving it to display i should retain the structure, I have been searching for help for a while but i could not get solution to the problem pls i need it urgently in vb.net coding.

Secondly, I want i retrive image to a gridview i have the full path of the image in the database but to now display it in the database is the problem please help me with this

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Regarding your question about images please see this thread:

There are also a few other threads in the forum with the same question. I guess you guys are all in the same class? :P

Regarding the large text you should use a varchar(max) column to store the data. It will maintain the integrity of the data and is capable of storing binary.

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