Can anyone tell me if the following is possible and how I would do it

I have an Access Database with a Table called tblProducts and a Field called prodColors

On my web admin page I have created a list of checkboxes with
the various color options as checkboxes.

When the page is updated the value of the checkboxes is saved to the Access Database in the prodColors field as comma separated numeric values eg 1,4,7 (where each value represents a color)

What I am trying to achieve is the following;
when the web admin page is loaded it checks the values in the prodColors field against the values of the checkboxes and checks those boxes where the value exists.

I having been trying to achieve this through Dynamic arrays using split function etc but as yet no success.

Any help appreciated


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can u please post any of ur code which u r using?
it should work with arrays, its not that hard but yet please post so that can review and answer, cant write whole code by myself.

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