hi guys,

this is danny and i need a little help frm u guys

i have a piece of code which i need to explode


explode("\_1",$charstring);  explode("SKILL=",$temp[0]);

i just want to edit 4294967295;4294967295;4294967295 after skill can u guys pls guide me how do i implode after editing i am losing everything while imploding wat should i do ..

is there any other function other than this !!
its very urgent !! Thanx in advance for ur help

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sry for just writting a small part of the code heres the full code !!

//initializing string
$sqlstring="select m_body from charac0 where c_id = '$char'";
$charstring = odbc_result($rsstring,'m_body');
//echo "$charstring <br>";

//explode the string
$temp = explode("\_1",$charstring);

//initialize variable for the string
$EXP = explode("=",$temp[0]);
$SKILL = explode("=",$temp[1]);
$PK = explode("=",$temp[2]);
$RTM = explode("=",$temp[3]);
$SINFO = explode("=",$temp[4]);
$WEAR = explode("=",$temp[5]);
$INVEN = explode("=",$temp[6]);

after the above code i am using this in another php i am lossing all except 1st 2 string 

	//change the skill database
		$SKILL[1] = "4294967295;4294967295;4294967295";

$newString = $temp[0]."\_1".$SKILL[0]."=".$SKILL[1]."\_1".$temp[2]."\_1".$temp[3]."\_1".$temp[4]."\_1".$temp[5]."\_1".$temp[6]."\_1";

You can do:

$array = array_filter( explode( '\_1',$charstring ) );
$data = array();
foreach( $array as $part ) {
  list( $key,$val ) = explode( '=',$part );
  $data[$key] = $val;
//edit skill here using
$data['SKILL'] = 'something.....';
$array = array();
foreach( $data as $key => $val ) {
  $array[] = "{$key}={$val}";
$charstring = implode( '\_1',$array );

Might be overkill but makes it so it will work even if the layout of the string changes.


YEA that was nice doc but wat about other elements of the exploded body ...!! i just need to change wat ever is after skill = till \_1

pls guide me sorry for being such a noob new to php and i am developing a mmorpg but finding hard with this php thing :(


thanx a lot doc!! i am working on imploding not getting it rite so will let u knw ..!! as i complete it..! thanx a billion for this help !!

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