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Well first of all, welcome to daniweb. And on future posts can you please use code tags (I know its your first time so I undertand). As for the problem, you will need a second php file just for deleting the mysql entries. First your while loop would look something like this:

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))

echo "<div class='qwe'>";
echo $row['yazi'];
echo '<br>'
echo '<a href="delete.php?q='.$row['id'].'">Delete</a>'
//$row['id'] is your id field that makes each row unique
//and id may need to be change to the real name
echo "</div>";

Then delete.php

mysql_query('DELETE * FROM `table` WHERE `id` = "'.mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['delete']).'"') or die(mysql_error());
//now redirect back
header('Location: http://www.yoursite.com/folder/index.php');

But in that second code box, remember the replace `table` and `id` with the table name and the real column name.

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