I am trying to add a small date-time box to my website. In visual C# this was so easy as you can just drag and drop the gui. In dreamweaver I have not been able to find any like.

I would like to be able to pick a date-time and this selection will be submitted and stored in the mysql database which will have a row as a date-time format.



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Use a date picker - loads of js/php scripts available. They usually have a date format section to allow you to display the format / language of your choice. I used to use the old Epoch calendar (non-commercial) but have also used the 'DatePicker v4.4' by frequency-decoder.com.

As far as I'm aware Dreamweaver doesn't offer anything as simple as inserting a calendar. There is an insert date function but that is not what you are after. Java could handle this nicely and with php you can use $_REQUEST["date"] to extract the value out of the form. Have a look at this, it seems to be what you want and it's easy to work with. http://www.trap17.com/index.php/Implement-Date-Picker-Web-Page_t60003.html

PHP has the date function, but that is used more as a timestamp. Which would be great for entering the data into your database. But if you are looking for a real time clock that is displayed, javascript would be the way to go.

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