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I have an <img> Tab to play a video(of type .wmv). The image tag is as follows:
<img border="0" dynsrc="Test1.wmv" start="fileopen" loop="1" width=1081 height=838>

Everything works fine, but now I need to play a video list (up to 5 videos). As soon as one video stops another video should start playing (at the same position automatically, without any user input) and as soon as the last video is stopped, it should start the first video again. So it will be like a loop.

How can I achieve the above requirement?


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You need to investigate Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language or (SMIL), which allows you (amongst other things) to specify a stream of sucessive videos.

From here:
"[SMIL] is a W3C Recommended XML markup language for describing multimedia presentations. SMIL is considered as an industry standard. This language can be used on other non-Microsoft popular formats like RealPlayer (.rm), Apple Quicktime (.mov) or MPEG (.mpg or .mp4) files."

W3Schools provide a tutorial.

Once written, you just point a compliant player at the SML and it ripples through.


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