Hi everyone

I've been googling my time away trying to find a resource that explains how many php uploads http can handle at once and any extra info on the process and limitations etc. Does anyone have a link they could share. Google isn't being very helpful (or the problem is between my mouse and my chair :P)

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I think thats all based on your server, it's INI, and it's brute power.

Php.ini controls the file upload size via 'upload_max_filesize'.

The http protocol only allows one connection for uploads (this is about all I know). Trying to upload multiple files using multiple file upload fields won't work because of this.

I just want to find a resource that explains the limitations, security reasons/restrictions etc.


I think everyone is misunderstanding what I'm after. I'm looking for a resource that explains the ins and outs of the http protocol related to uploads.

I don't need a work around on how to upload multiple files using php or anything like that. I already work around that issue by using iframes.

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