i am making website on "electronics products" in asp.net

in the product table i have

product id
product name
product price
product image

bt problem is how to give features for each product??

what are the options for that??

i mean should i add new field for that? or i have to make a page for each of the product's features..

i am confused abt it.. features are of 8-10 line..

so any one know abt this plz reply..


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i am confused abt it.. features are of 8-10 line..

You mean that each product has 8-10 lines of text describing the features of it.

I assume that you are displaying product details such as product id, name, price, image in a GridView/DataList control.

You can display the product features in a separate field in the same GridView/DataList control if it has few lines of text.

Or you can display the feature in a separate page or in a popup window. This would be better if the no. of lines of text for product feature increases or has some formatted text in the future. It depends on the client requirement.


yes i m using datalist control... the feature of product will be displayed only when that specific product will be opened ..

in suppose "display.aspx"

where whole detail of that product will be displayed

so should i save that product's detail in "Feature" field in table?
or should i use "rich text box" in display.aspx page?

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