A few years ago I wrote a mysql/php website, recently the host went bust and it has moved hosts but now quite a lot of the site gives errors - mostly the new server just gives me 500 - internal server errors. I've fixed a few of the problems that seem to do with nulls or passing variables from a form. I only did PHP for about 6 months in the first place but now this has landed back on my desk, is there something I need to be made aware of between php 4.x to 5.x.

Thanks in advance

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Problem is related to $_POST, if the variable is null it doesn't work so am adding/changing to "isset".

Bad programming in the first place no doubt, but strange that it has now become an issue on the new host.


Strange. Do you have a .htaccess file in root? It could be a permissions issue - check chmod. Also redirects/custom error pages can sometimes cause it.
I've had all of these take up days of my life before now.

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There are more than just one reason behind the 500 error, post the part of error log on the server of that particular date.It helps so identify the problem.

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