I have tomcat 6.0.18 running on my laptop. Tomcat is installed under my /home/xxx/bin directory. However, after I start tomcat, I'm unable to connect to tomcat through my browser but my eclipse is able to do so. I do not get any error message, the browser just keeps on trying.

I've reached a dead end trying to resolve this. Any ideas, anybody ??

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in your tomcat home directory check the logs folder you should find log files in there, see if you can find any answers in there

If Tomcat been installed through IDE it may have assign different port then 8080 or 80. Check it with server.xml file that is inside conf folder of your Tomcat directory

Thanks a lot. catalina.out gave me the clue. The error was in tomcat-users.xml. The user and role element did not have the closing forward slash /. This is surprising, since this is a fresh install of Tomcat. Anyways I'm now able to see the tomcat index page.

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