Hello, I am assigned with the task of cloning digg.com, I am doing quite well except one issue, I want the user to enter a link in a text field and then I want the take a screen shot of that url (like digg.com). Please help me with what libraries should I use.


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$im = imagegrabscreen();
imagepng($im, "myscreenshot.png");

php5.2.2 gd5.2.2


(PHP 5 >= 5.2.2)

imagegrabscreen — Captures the whole screen


imagegrabescreen() just take screen of current window. but if we want to take holw web page screen short... then what is the php scrpt???

any bdy can reply this quiestio?????????????????

hey guys i have the same problem.but i need to capture the selected area of the web page.I need some php solution.can some one please to help me solve this prolem

actualy i saw that method in php manual.but i realy want is select some area of any web page and capture that area as image.imagegrabwindow mathod load the web page and give the entire page as the image.

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