hi guys, I would like to be able to take all the output of a order form and the database output of the selected items and return it to a xml document.

I tried the
file_get_contents and that just took the actual code from the php page.

My website is all php pages and the checkout page displays the final purchase details, eg title, volume and cost and the user details eg, name, number and address.

some output comes from a function

paymentDetails();  // displays bank details contains 3 lines txt
contactUs();          // displays our address contains 4 lines txt

and then some comes from variables/post

$name = $_POST['name'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$number = $_POST['number'];
$bAddress = $_POST['billingAddress'];
$sAddress = $_POST['shippingAddress'];

and then the items ordered and the cost/total cost from a sql database


I just want to be able to write everything that is displayed on screen once the order is confirmed to a xml document.

I'm assuming that its fwrite() or something similar, just can't find anything that captures it.


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Have found out a way to do the user input and the static site data, just going to start work on the sql database data.

All working, trial and error is mint.

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