hi frnd...

i want to remove/disable ADDRESS BAR from the new pop up window...

now i m using this code....its working only for IE6.....

window.open(url ,'title',
'location=1,menubar=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,status=no ,toolbar=no,width=300,height=200')

Also i want to remove expand button in browser...plz tell me how can i do it...

Thanks in advance...


You only have very limited control over stuff like this, which is how it should be. Your code should not be able to mess up user-chosen browser settings, like the ability to see the menu bar.
Users generally don't appreciate when websites mess up their browser ;-)

Buuut. If there is a way, it would be done using Javascript, not PHP.

If you want to display a popup window, and you want to be able to control how it is displayed, I would recommend trying a CSS solution.
You could put a absolutely positioned <div> on top of your main site, displaying the popup content.

For example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <style type="text/css">
        #PopupOverlay {
            display: none;
            position: fixed;
            left: 0px; right: 0px;
            top: 0px; bottom: 0px;
            background-color: #000000;
        #PopupWindow {
            display: none;
            position: absolute;
            width: 350px; height: 150px;
            left: 50%; top: 50%;
            margin: -75px 0 0 -175px;
            border: solid 2px #cccccc;
            background-color: #ffffff;
        #PopupWindow h1 {
            display: block;
            margin: 0;
            padding: 3px 5px;
            background-color: #cccccc;
            text-align: center;
        #PopupWindow p {
            margin: 0px;
            padding: 5px;
            font-size: 90%;
        #PopupWindow a {
            display: block;
            position: absolute;
            top: 50%; left: 50%;
            margin: -70px 0 0 145px;
            width: 25px; height: 25px;
            background-color: #ff3333;
            text-align: center;
            text-decoration: none;
            font-size: 120%;
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function OpenPopup() {
        document.getElementById('PopupOverlay').style.display = 'block';
        document.getElementById('PopupWindow').style.display = 'block';
    function ClosePopup() {
        document.getElementById('PopupOverlay').style.display = 'none';
        document.getElementById('PopupWindow').style.display = 'none';
    <h1>Some thing</h1>
    <p>This is the main content of the site.<br />
        Click <a href="javascript: void(0)" onclick="OpenPopup();">here</a> to show a popup window.

    <div id="PopupOverlay"></div>
    <div id="PopupWindow">
        <h1>Popup Window!</h1>
        <p>This is the text inside my popup window!</p>
        <a href="javascript: void(0)" onclick="ClosePopup();">x</a>
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