Hi everyone,

Im trying to make a personal home page that both shows the time and a random background each refresh using javascript. so far i have managed to get either one or the other to work but not both.
i want to know if anyone could try and tell me what is wrong.

the files can be found at: http://ihf.lp.pl/narik/index.html
as you will see if you visit that the random image script works.
(if u have slow net, you'll have to be patient the bg image is large)

however if u visit http://ihf.lp.pl/narik/index_clock_nobg.html
as hinted at by the name, the index file has the clock working but not the random background. They are both present in the html, but for some reason are not working together.

the relevant javascript files within that folder are: randomimage.js & clock.js
the background images can be found at http://ihf.lp.pl/narik/images/wallpapers/1.jpg (the image names go from 1.jpg through to 17.jpg)

if anyone could take a quick look and offer some suggestion as to what is wrong, or even better provide me a solution it would be much appreciated.

thank you kindly,

PS: if u would like me to edit this post so as to include the code please say, i chose not too as i felt the post would be very large then.

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