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how to add online chat for my new website,
what i to do, ineed assistance from u ist stage last stage,


Here is a sample of my online chat <URL SNIPPED>Live Online Chat Room For Website Discussion

It uses javascript, php and ajax. From a total newbie to php and ajax, i used just 1 whole day to learn and create that chat room. if you're interested, you can learn it from www.w3school.com. The knowledge i used in creating the chat room is totally from ajax and php lessons at that w3school website. A couple of hours to read through if you're newbie, and if you have prior knowledge about ajax and php, you can just straight scan through and try to apply it.

You're welcome to try out my chat room and leave a message there and ask me if after you learnt from w3school and still have problem creating it

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What you alternately can do is just to add mibbit's iframe-chat. It uses IRC, so you have to create and register a channel on a server that supports this, but it's not hard to do. This probably doesn't require any coding at all from you.

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