Hi all,
I want to do simple query to do the Join
Here is illustartion of my query which gives error

"SELECT * FROM table1, INNER JOIN table2 ON table1.colx = table2.colx LIMIT 30"

What goes wrong here?

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get rid of the comma

So If i remove the comma it wil work ;)

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Did you try it?

Nope, the laptop I use is at home and I'm at work. So I will do once I get there. If you can do a test for me, I will be grateful. Otherwise I will check it at home

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I can't check it - I don't have your DB. Guess you'll have to wait.

sure, but any query combining SELECT INNER JOIN and LIMIT is sufficient for my need. I want to use two different tables with related info. I don't have any other idea than using INNER JOIN....ON

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