Ok, I have never used Ruby before and I'm trying to figure out how to convert my following Perl code into Ruby to do exactly what is does now.

Basically I used a loop structure to produces the following output (user can specify how many lines need to be printed):



print "Please enter your name: ";

$name = <STDIN>;

print "Please enter your favorite number: ";

$f = <STDIN>;
$a = 0;

if ($f < 0)
 while ($f <0)
 print "Please enter a positive number: ";
 $f =<STDIN>;

 while ($a < $f)
 print $name;
 $b = $a + 1;
 $a = $b;

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Your text example doesn't really show how the script you provide works. Here's what you are probably after though - this could be a bit more robust but in this state it's clear:


#first get the name
puts "Enter your name"
name =  gets
#now get a number, to_i returns the entered string (eg "5" to an integer eg 5)
puts "Enter a number"
number = gets.to_i

#times is a method on integer, we can use it to iterate through the block
number.times do 
  #print the name
  puts name

use gets.chomp to remove any trailing after space from the input

I also used this link to start ruby - seems to be helping awesomely for beginners.

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