I'm having a bit of a problem with my page protect script. I've been working on my backup server for the past week or so making changes to the site. I uploaded all of the changes to the main site today and now every single page that includes my database connection is telling me I cannot redeclare page_protect() which is called from the database include. I'm having no problems whatsoever on the backup server and every single page is absolutely identical on the backup. The problem started immediately after I uploaded the changes. There were no changes made to the database connection or page_protect scripts. I can't figure out why it decided to do this now ... nothing has changed on that script. I even uploaded a backup of the script that has never been on the server and never been altered since day 1 and it still gives me the same error.

If you want to see the database connection script let me know, I decided not to include it because the same script is running flawlessly on the backup server.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem or have any ideas what could cause this?

The problem went away as mysteriously as it appeared without me changing a single thing. Very strange.