Hello Guys,

Can someone please show me if this is possible or not, if so where can i get further information or a code example will be nice.

When i enter first name, and then click from the drop down selection "product spec 3" from options "product spec 2" , "product spec 1"

and then when i go to domain.com/admin/orders.php

it shows it like this

ID | Name | Product Spec 3 | Print

When i click on "Print" i would like the system to bring a new page which will have the specification of product 3 with the name.

Many Thanks

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are you using some kind of database to store this user selections


Thank you for the reply, yes i have a data base set up already, i know bits on how to do it like when i fill the form, it saves it to the database and then be able to get it back, but i dont know how to do it so that when i select from the drop down list it "Product 3", and when i click on print it does it like this

"Product 3 spec - 40W - Silver - Small"

Thank you

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