I do php coding for some time and want to learn something new.
After some researsh I ended up with 2 languages/frameworks but I can't choose between them.

I'm a python programmer so python Django might be easier to start with.

But I don't know a well-known website which is made with Django, while there are a lot of sites using ruby (twitter,wakoopa,...)

They say python is faster, but ruby has better javascript/Ajax implementation

What should I choose?
What do you use? (probably ruby cause I post this on the ruby forum)

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I tried Django because there is a realy handy tutorial on the site itself.
It was really fun to make the app, the tutorials I found about ruby where less attractive so I didn't do them (yet)

So now I've 2 problems:
Python Django: Good Tutorial
Ruby on rails: used by known sites (which probably has a reason)

Probably a friend of me will help me with programming, but he has never programmed before (except some excel vba @ school)
I saw ruby has a very good tutorial for beginners: http://tryruby.sophrinix.com/
which python doesn't have...

Still can't choose; please help me =)

My advice:
If you're already using python, and like it, and need a backend interface, definately use django.

If you want to learn something new, you can try ruby on rails.

But there is no reason to just use rails because everyone else is using it:

Rails Example: http://glossedglossary.heroku.com/ http://apps.facebook.com/stuffido

http://www.djangosites.org/ lists tons of prominent websites running django.

http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcn8282p_1hg4sr9&pli=1 is a good comparison.

In terms of deployment and hosting, both aren't easy, but you can get platforms that support them, just don't expect any shared host to host them like most other php or cgi platforms.

And yes, django can be faster.

Well I'm totally django now :) the isntallation was easy (ruby crashed every time =f) and I found a good page with a list of webhosts: djangofriendlywebhost

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