I recently discovered .htaccess, and it works great for me :) Only problem I came across was utf-8 support.

I'm using .ht for password protection. And my pages is using utf-8 (I'm using letters like: ā, č, ē , etc). In "AuthName" I wrote a sentence in which uses letters like ā ū. When .ht window pops up that sentence is displayed wrong, it's readable, but not correct. So I wanted to ask is it possible to display those characters correct ? I'm having no problems with sites utf-8, but it's probably not connected.

And one more thing - is it possible to change default message of .htaccess (A username and password are being requested by blah blah . The site says: "blah blah") to something else ?

Thank you!

The old .htaccess password protection. If your trying to protect information on your website then I would recommend setting up a php login system. And as for protecting pictures, simply place the pictures in a mysql database. But because of situations like this I would never recommend using the .htaccess file to protect custom made content. However just keep in mind there are some limitations for the old .htaccess file protection as well as minor advantages.

It's actually not that serious. I'm not trying to protect payable content or something like that . Just Some information not all visitors should see. Like some pdf. files etc.