hi all

i am using oracle 10g with php (wamp server)
but i try to connect that return this error :

Call To Undefined Function oci_connect()

plz help me that is so imp

note :
(extension=php_oci8.dll) is enable

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According to this thread: http://www.wampserver.com/phorum/read.php?2,41185,41191 it could be a problem with the oci.dll. Try downloading the correct version, and replacing the one from wamp.

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Sorry, don't know another one.

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thanx pritaeas for reply

i just visit the link :

and follow the instruction that say to download new "php_oci8.dll"

from this site :

but when i visit it display :
The pecl4win build box is temporarily out of service. We're preparing a new build system.

i try to download it from other sites and replaced by old one
but not resolve the problem

can you send me another trusted site to download it

i change my mine , i work under Pressure
i change php ,and connect oracle with java that is easy to me

but i try to solve this problem later

thanx for helping me

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