this seems to be a very simple problem, but i just can't get it done.

how do i set a variable which is to display url response?
let's say my request is "http://domain.com/datavalue.htm".
the request returns some value ( let's say "30.0" ) when i use it with browser.

now, i want to get that value dynamically using vbscript or asp object
and put that 30.0 on my webpage.
how do i do it?

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I'm not sure excatly what you're trying to do.
But if you want to display the result of an evaluation of a user input one way to do it is (in the example below the data to evaluate is sent from a form element):

Form action asp file :

dim var_name
var_name = request.form("form_field_name") '+ some evaluation'
response.write var_name

Or you could:

Form action asp file:

dim var_name
var_name = request.form("form_field_name") '+ some evaluation'
response.redirect "page_to_display_the_data.asp?responsenumber=" & var_name

Asp file to display the result:

response.write request.querystring("responsenumber")

thats complicated but works. (the run around). url variables are in :


come to think of it this is also complicated!

to show the variable use <%= request.querystring("variable_name")%>

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