Hi to all,
I want WYSIWYG editor with different language like english,hindi,e.t.c,
to type in text area.
(EX:In gmail go to compose mail see how to change languages to type text in text area.).

thanks in advance.

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I use Spaw2 from Solmetra.
How about TinyMCE and CKEditor?

TinyMCE and CKEditor is not helpful for me.please anybody can solve this problem.

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Have you tried Spaw2?

i tried the spaw2 editor but i didn't got that multi langugae editor .if you know would you please send me the url link for multi languges(hindi,english,e.t.c..)

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I tried a copy of Spaw2 and it took hindi script (see screenshot). The interface is not in hindi or gujarati but you could create your own maybe - just a translation file. I did the Welsh version a while ago.

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