I need to automate what a users does when clicking on <A HREF="whatever">. This will be used to refresh a page. Any ideas on how to do this?


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If you want to programmatically perform a page refresh, the JavaScript code is "window.refresh()".

You need to tie that code to a specific Event. I can't advise on which element/event without knowing more about your situation.

Thanks for the quick reply. Any ideas on how to do that in JSCRIPT? My environment is Microsoft Project, creating a Project Guide.

You have to define the "that" in your "how to do that" phrase :). Give me a step-by-step from a user's perspective. They would see what? Then do what? What's supposed to happen then?

I can only speak with any degree of authority about JavaScript. The JSCRIPT and VBScript Microsoft aberrations aren't my "thing".

try this
<body onload="location.href='yourpage.htm' ";>

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