First of all, I have done a few C# applications, but are quite new to C# asp.net web applications.

What I am trying to receive is a simple Media player control on an aspx page. And furthermore a button, that starts the media player with a videostream url. Thats all!

I can easily achieve this in an ordinary c# form, by importing:
AxInterop.WMPLib.dll, Interop.WMPLib.dll and wmp.dll
references in the project. Now i am able to choose a "Windows media player" control in the toolbox, which i can drag into my form. Nice and easy.

But when i import these dll´s in my ASP.NET Web application, I cannot see the media player control in the toolbox. Ive tried to right-click the toolbox, and click "Choose items", and see that 'Windows media player' is checked under the COM components tab. But i still cannot see the control in the toolbox. Only in an ordinary c# application form.

This is driving me nuts. Ive tried googling for hours, but cant find the answer.
So if any kind sould could pinpoint me in the right direction, or make a quick solution file that holds this simple control on an aspx page, i would be very glad!

Thanks alot for your time.

Kind regards,