Maybe someone can help me understand what I need to do.

I am trying to set up billing for a website. The processor ( says that I need a URL for them to post to.

The company who sales the script I am using for my site says they I need to set the URL where iBill posts background payment data.

The problem is I have know idea on how to set this URL. If someone could please give me some kind of direction I would appreciate it much.


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Have you tried asking them for help? I believe that they have a Live Chat system.

Did they send you a template of what they expect to send to you, or for you to send to them?

This seems to be for if I want them to do password management. I'm not sure! This is the only example I got from

First on login page you have to give

<form id=”form1” id=”form1” action=”” method=”POST” >

You have to give 2 hidden variables like

<input type="hidden" name="merchantno" value="XXXXXX">
<input type="hidden" name="siteid" value="XX">

Where XX is values you can get from ibill password management ( Click on “view” link under Post URL.
You have to give 2 text boxes for username and password with following name
Here is the screenshot of form with php coding

<form name='form1' id='form1' action='' method='post'>

echo $_SESSION;
Username :<br>
<input type='text' id='uname' name='uname' value=''>

Password :<br>
<input type='password' id='password' name='password' value=''>

<input type='hidden' id='merchantno' name='merchantno' value='XXXXX'>
<input type='hidden' id='siteid' name='siteid' value='XX'>
<input type='submit' id='submit' name='submit' value='Submit'>



$_SESSION='Invalid Username/password';
header("location: form.php");