Hello Good Morning

i Developed a page called search.php which is included in every file of the project and
in search search.php if we click on submit button we will move to result.php page
my problem is i written as
<form action="?result1?id=<? $_GET?>" onsubmit="javascript: return groups(this);" method="GET" name="hotForm" style="margin: 0px;">
iam getting the URL in result page as


i require to hold the values in result.php and make query on that
but in result.php if i written as
echo $_GET;
the values are not printing.

please give the solution

Thanks in advance


"Please give the solution" is most probably what causes this thread to have 0 replies.

I didn't really read your topic, but in your form you write

action="?result1?id=<? $_GET['city']?>"

Wouldn't you want to write