hi all,

I have a php script that saves what the user types in into a text file using fwrite, and displays it on another page using file_get_contents.

When putting in a pound sign (£), it saves the following to the text file:


Any idea how I can stop this from happening and instead get the pound sign working properly?


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$input = str_replace("£", "&pound;", $input);

where $input is the string you are entering into a text file.


iv tried that but cant get any changes working. its quite a complex problem and I have tried many possible solutions... if anybody else has had the same thing that would be best.

I think its an encoding charset discrepency?

UTF-8 encoding
html charset
the GBP pound sign gets 2 bytes in utf8 utf16 its not one of the lower 127 ascii codes that gets directly translated
the page that reads the stored data file needs to be charset UTF-8,
logically aware of the answer, my phone does not have my stored links on it so I cant post the relevant link
(anti boredom browsing)

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