I am customizing jquery scrollshow, it can be found originally here
As you can see in the original script there are only images which scroll, now I have the description to show below each image which should also scroll as the images scroll.
This description will include -
1. 'Name of the person in Image'
2.Article Title
3.Article short paragraph
(Also this content will come from the db with PHP !)
(Initially it can be implemented for some small dynamic text for images)
To achieve that i tried to add the 'p tag' inside the image's li tag but they doesn't scroll.So I am trying to do some changes in the jquery functions they wrote.
I tried this much, in the case link of wrap function -

function wrap( $els, type, size, name ){//wrap the photos with several different wrappers.
		switch( type ){
			case 'crop': $els = $els.wrap('<div class="jq-ss-crop" >').parent().css('overflow','hidden');					
			case 'resize': return $els.css( size );
			case 'simple': return $els.wrap('<div class="jq-ss-simple">').parent();
			case 'link': 
				if( $els.is('img') )
					return $els.wrap('<a target="_blank" class="jq-ss-link">').parent().each(function(){
						//Comented for changing the anchor on image #pritam -3Feb,2010
						//this.href = this.firstChild.src;
						//Add the desc text #pritam - 4Feb,2010
						//$(this).append("some text");
						//alert($('#image > li > a > span').value);//append(name);
						//$(".main_anchor02").append = name;
						$('this.div:first').html('<p>This is a test.</p>');
			default: return $els;					

solved on my own!

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