I have a program that I'm working on where the initial form shows up, asks for input, then when you click 'begin' it starts processing. Then I Hide() that form. Later in the program, there's a CAPTCHA that needs to be entered. I have set a second panel in the same form to display, and I Show() the form again, making panel2 visible, and expect to see it load properly. Instead, the form shows up, but the contents are pure white, and it shows the hourglass. It just never loads.

Panel2 contains a picture box, which displays the CAPTCHA image, a text box for the person to input the image they see, and a button to continue once that is all done. It should work perfectly fine, if I can ever get it to display. Any clues what I'm doing wrong here? I'm almost positive that it's something insanely simple that I'm just missing.



Try to deactivate controls before making controls invisible. It seems that hiding control that is active may jam sotfware in strange way.

Interesting. Thank you for your help.