Most of us have seen FaceBook and Twitter have a login form on their homepage; facebook also have the registration form.

As far as I know the way to secure any kind of sensitive data is through the use of a SSL. Apparently FB and TW dont have any on their home page.

I found some options of using jquery, javascript etc. But I dont find it much useful since JS can be disabled by some users.

My question is, is it possible to secure data transmission without using SSL?

is it possible to secure data transmission without using SSL?

Yes...It is Possible

If have a IPSec/L2TP Tunnel established...!! with your HTTP Server...

But this need a IPSec Client to be installed in your PC (Say : CISCO VPN Client).

If a IPSec Tunnel is established with a Server then all the Data to the server will be Encrypted , Authenticated and Secured..

Where as in case of HTTPS/SSL , only that particular SSL-Session will be Secured..


Sheltan T T

Hi sheltant, thanks for the reply. I dont want all the data transferred to and from the server encrypted. that will put huge load on the server.

Is it possible to have only certain parts of some selected pages transfer securely without using https??

I heard of S-HTPP (secure http). But I cant find any information online how to implement that. Any suggestions??