help me!!

if ( $username == 'admin' and $password == 'ncr' )
echo("Location: http://localhost/ncr/home");

if username and password is correct, echo should takeme to specified link. This page (http://localhost/ncr/home) should be displaced

i don't want the link to be displayed, if validated the specified page should be diplayed!!!

Help me with coding!!!
If username and password validated
Display the home page[[B]need help here[/B]]
username password invalid

Probably you want this:

if ( $username == 'admin' and $password == 'ncr' )
[B]header("Location: http://localhost/ncr/home");[/B]

With header("Location: URL/HERE"); you will be redirected to URL/HERE
Is that what you want?

If you want to display you homepage at the bolded part then you could also use the include function.

commented: got wat i was lookin for!! +1
CREATE TABLE details (
 content1sno varchar(50) NOT NULL,

content1name varchar(50) NOT NULL

  content2sno varchar(50) NOT NULL,

content2name varchar(50) NOT NULL,

 content3sno varchar(50) NOT NULL,

content3name varchar(50) NOT NULL,

) type=MyISAM;

Here in this sql query s_no is declared as primary key, so it is unique.
There is no chance of adding the same serial no again in s_no. Apart from that it is given as auto increment, so absolutely no chance of having same serial no again

What i need here is content1sno, content2sno, content3sno should also be unique;;;it will have both integers and characters 'varchar';;

For example:
If in insert operation, the following value is inserted

In the second insert operation, if the value 12AB is given as input to content1sno=12AB. It should display an error as the same value is given as input to content3sno already.

In the php, during insert operation it should check the database if the value going to be inserted is unique for this three


this three should be unique!!

Why i need this is, it will help me in search operation.