I'm new at this forum, let me just point out I'm not a developer, I'm just a designer who has to strugle to do simple things that work, all by myself - and I'm usually successfull... but not this time, I have searched and searched literally for hours, and I haven't found this mentioned anywhere else, so please, can anyone give me a little help?

Here's the thing, I downloaded a dhtml "Image Slideshow", and I was really happy with it, I tested and it's working on FF and on IE (wich is very important for me, since in my country most of people still use IE *blargh*).

Here is the link of the file "all alone" working (IE and FF):

However, when I try to insert the slideshow in my design, the slideshow stops working on IE (works perfect on FF):

I am using an iframe, with the original slideshow file...

(before I tryed to paste the code directly into the page, but it didn't worked, so I thought using an iframe would work, because the code of the original document would be intact)

Any sugestions?

I am awake for so many hours looking at this, and nothing seems to work (didn't even got to sleep yet). I'm on a deadline and going NUTS with this!!

Please help me...

Thank SO you very much,


No one can give me a help?

The slideshow just doesn't work inside the iframe... please? =( I'm climbing walls here =(

Thank you...

Web developers hate IE, the compatibility is pretty terrible. You'll have to find some alternative.