I have top menu being generated using sitemap.

HR , Production , Sales

Now i want to generate a vertical Menubar/treeview when i click on respective item.

For eg : if i click on production, i need menu/tree view like below

1.0 - Inventory

1.1 - Add Stock

1.2 - View Stock

2.0 - Work Order

2.1 - Add Work Order

2.2 - View Work Order

I have a master page named MasterPage.master and i have placed a menu/treeview on master page...... I want to populate menu which can be different based on module i click...ie for HR the menu will nt be like above......Can anyone tell me how can i go for it.....

Thanks for any help in advance....

>Can anyone tell me how can i go for it

Read books/MSDN online pages to improve your understanding of the menu/treeview controls.

I will tell you What way i want and you can suggest me how i can achieve that.

I have created a horizontal menu on master page.

Horizontal Menu has --------------------- HR Production QualityControl

now for example there 5 pages each related to HR, Production nd Quality Control....respectively

so when i click on HR in the top menu.....a list of vertical menu should generate on left ....

I have kept 2 menu's on master page--- one horizontal and one vertical......

wen i click on HR, HR.aspx open and on its load event i try to find menu control on master page and then try to populate it...Bt unsuccessful....I know the child menu items so i am not gettin it from xml or site map....Is it necesaary for me to specify those names in xml or sitemap......Can't i just write in the code on page load event of HR.aspx to populate menu/treeview

Could your code-behind file console.write or response.write the menu in javascript? Sort of like:

Response.Write("<script type="\text\javascript"\>Menu Code" + MenuItemString);