I am developing a web page in PHP, and I would like to provide my users access to Reporting Services reports via this page.

I am currently running an instance of Reporting Services 2000.

I cannot find any good way to link/render/display the reports directly within the PHP page, instead of providing a link to the actual web interface of Reporting Services. I know that asp.net provides a reporting services dll, which has a viewer that can be used in such instances but I'm too far down the line to switch unfortunately. I also did find an example using an iframe (

echo "<iframe src=".$sReportPath." height='500' width='100%' scrolling='auto' frameborder='0'></iframe>";

but I didnt' like the way that it really looks and the user experience is less than desirable.

Has anyone else run into a request such as this, or have any ideas about a different approach? Thanks!


Use the following:

echo '<div class="mydiv">';
echo file_get_contents($sReportPath);
echo '</div>';

Then use css to add the scrollbars.