Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to change an image when a link is hovered over. I should make it clear that it is not the list/link image i want to change but an image along side in order to "illustrate" the content.

Can anybody suggest a starting point or some articles to look at? Maybe a jQuery app?

Thanks in advance

starting point

<img width='100' height='100' src='blank.jpg' id='mainpic' style='float:right;'>
<a href='somelink.html' onmouseover='document.getElementById("mainpic").src="somelink.jpg";' onmouseout='document.getElementById("mainpic").src="blank.jpg";'>Somelink</a><br>
<a href='otherlink.html' onmouseover='document.getElementById("mainpic").src="otherlink.jpg";' onmouseout='document.getElementById("mainpic").src="blank.jpg";'>otherlink</a><br>
bla bla bla bla bla bla

it is easy to see the links are greatly similar,
so they can populate with data from the database, if the db is the source of the images and links
or to edit by hand if the site has not progressed that far yet