Hi All members

i need helping in creating content slider look like this;

ClassiPress Demo

note; I ask for creating slider look like this (Thumbnail imge and Title under it)

plz any tips to do that, My new WP site depends on this part...plz help


It took me less than a minute to "view source" and find that the slider is built with a jQuery plugin called jCarousel Lite, then to use google to find the official site where it is well documented and available for download.

That is nothing that you could not have done for yourself.

If you see something you like on the web, always "view source" to discover how its done. Asking on a forum should be the last resort not the first.


Hi Airshow,

Please don't mind my question, because i am very new to this field & lots of curiosity & questions in my mind.

How you came to know that , slider is built with a jQuery plugin called jCarousel Lite ???

Coz when i tried to view the Source code, hundreds of lines & syntax were there.

So we can conclude the exact source code ??

I'll be really thankful if you revert.

Tanks & Regards

The Process of Discovery

  1. View Source.
  2. Find "Featured Listings" and inspect HTML below
  3. Hmmmm, no clues there
  4. Inspect documents <head> and find that all javascript is in external files.
  5. Look for a likely looking .js file name.
  6. Aha, "jcarousellite.js?ver=1.0.1" .... worth investigating.
  7. Google "jcarousellite".
  8. First Google result "jCarousel Lite" .... click link.
  9. Read first two paragraphs on home page and view demo.
  10. Yup, it's what we're looking for.
  11. Copy url from browser's address bar.
  12. Paste into Daniweb Message box and compose rest of reply to original poster.
  13. Click "Submit Reply"