Hy everyone,
I got a problem with doin a sum of a column where are only "int" datas,
I get those data from Sql Db with a Sql Data Source and use that sds with a nested gridview.
I tried with select sum() but it for each employer i get the same nr of hours who worked on a order.
I must create that gridview(with another one nested) to show the orders with the employers who worked on that order how much hours every employer worked then the total hours of the order summing the employers hours...

Now i just have problems with extract data from Db because the hours are in a table called "Details" and the other one called "Employers"...Aren't just 2 tables the Db its a lil bit larger...However..

Hope i explained myself...And thank anyone who will help me!

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Hy an tnks for ur help!
However i already try with group by ...but it doesn't work...dunno maybe is something wrng with the query or i get the wrng tables...don't think so but i tried in many ways and still doesn't work...however today i will ask to my boss


oh i forget to mark as solved this....yesterday i finally make it....ty anyway

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