I'm pretty sure this is a simple fix, but I don't see it:

foreach($rows as $row) {
		$result	.= "<li><a  href='"javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:chatWith('.$row->username.')">" .htmlspecialchars(getNameFormatOnline($row->name,$row->username,$ueConfig['name_format']))."</a></li>\n";

This is a list of online users; putting the username inside "javascript:chatWith('USERNAME_HERE')", to initiate a chat.

Thanks, James

You have an odd number of '

Which I'm guessing is not good

Have a closer look at your use of quotes.
Try this:

foreach($rows as $row) {
		$result	.= '<li><a  href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:chatWith('.$row->username.')">' .htmlspecialchars(getNameFormatOnline($row->name,$row->username,$ueConfig['name_format'])).'</a></li>\n';
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