Hey guys I'm new to these forums and I was curious about what avenue to take.

I am currently playing with Joomla and so far it seems not bad as far as CMS goes for developing and maintaining content on one website. However I am looking for something a little more refined for multi-site options. Yes I know I could use JMS multisite but it still doesn't sound like everything I'm looking for interms of the following:

I am looking for a CMS where multiple websites can be developed; and each site has two levels of administration - a Super Administrator/God Administrator who can change global values/configs/add/change everything/etc. And then a regular administrator that can change their assigned website.

So for example: S. Admin can change website A, B, C but administrator for site B cannot change content / settings on A or C.

Also another prerequesite would be that it(the CMS) is fairly easy to mold and sculpt.

Right now I'm thinking Plone + the Lineage extension sounds pretty much what I'm looking for but I want to know what all my options are and if Plone is what it says it is (ie. if anybody else has bad experiences with it).

WordPress 3 Solves your Needs
Just Google WordPress3 RC1

Personnally I built my own CMS using some functionality of freecms.com plus heavy mysql editing abilities. as i feel if i can't see what im doing within 30 seconds my clients have not alot of chance. so experience try using an ftp cms as you dont need to install anything on the website and you can use any editor yourself to master edit things.
hope this was helpful

why you going to choose magento for your need?
magento contains following features..
1.highly flexible coupon and pricing functions
2.comprehensive filter functionality (filter products by)
3.multi-store as standard
4.ability to create and edit orders in admin
5.large number of high quality modules via Magento Connect
6.no need to hack core code
7.impressive template system


I am at a loss to understand why he is moving away from Joomla. I am of the view it is the best CMS available at the moment. Its popularity can be understood from the fact it has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. Anyway if he is adamant that he wants to find a replacement for Joomla then I would recommend WordPress.