hi ..
i am a newbie in PHP ..
i have learned some php script and ready to make something from PHP ..

can anybody suggest me, how to test my PHP skill ? i mean, u guys of course ever be a newbie, right ?

so, when ur still a newbie what u guys do to test and train ur PHP skill ..
Thanks !

ur answer is appreciated

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I would recommend a few things.

First, if you can, be sure that warnings are turned on in the PHP configuration, as well as errors. This will let you see things you are doing that might work but are not best practice.

Second, keep trying new functions and methods. Make it a point to learn a new built-in PHP function every day, build something with it, and see how it works.

Third, the best way to learn is to build new things and test them thoroughly. In fact, try to break them. It is easy for programmers, especially beginners, to make something work, but not want to spend the time to test it from every angle.


Most of things are available in PHP as compared to C/C++. When ever you code something say sorting, searching array. do not start writing loops, find functions in php. You will always find something related to your requirements, in manuals. Everybody know how to code but it is worthless to rewrite the code when it is already there in PHP.


Go Around some of the samples for Read/Write images from/to database, connectivity, Mail functions, passing values to different pages, file functions. Then create something to the real time object and ensure your php skills.

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I would echo coopercup 's advice but also I would say you should pick something to make. Like decide that you want to build an inventory system or a customer management system. That way you have a goal that you are working towards and along the way you will be learning how to code a functional practical script.
as oppose to just reading random tutorials and then re-creating the tutorial.

Also don't use any frameworks which are popular these days. Many new coders will start to use or learn how to use a framework which although makes coding quick and simple it will not teach you actually how to code.

You also should spend a good amount of time at php.net The best most reliable place to get a better understanding of what a specific php function does or if a function is available is to go to the PHP.net site. The issue with looking at different tutorials on the net is that they may be teaching you poor coding habits and also use outdated methods. You should checkout http://devzone.zend.com/node/view/id/627

as well

Hope this helps

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