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I need to know how to end a created session when user log out from the web site..I have
created a web-site for my assignment..and i put Sessions..Each time user log in to system
it create session object and identifies the user..
What i need to know is i want to add some codes , when user log out from the web..( I think i need to destroy the created Session object.. ).
can any one help..Its not for assignment..its for my knowledge...
Thanks Everyone

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Please post ASP.NET questions in the ASP.NET forum. You can make a call to Session.Abandon() to terminate the current session.


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Little addition to Scott's post. Session.Abandon() method cancels the current session and create a new session on next request.

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Session["Login"] = "true"; Creating

selected if (Session["Login"] != null)

Session["Login"].Abandon() Deleting

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