I'm learning JavaScript for software that I'm learning it's SDK. I have a weak understanding of programming and because of that I would like to know the basic JavaScript foundation when coding that applies to no matter what your scripting in this language. A

Anyone have any guidelines PDF or books etc?

What about something for the beginner ? Basic things like understanding the basic syntax to comments because I'm working with a specific softwares SDK and I'd like to learn the basic to tie it in with the SDK Syntax.

Thanx that helps.

The problem I have is wrapping my head around JavaScript and all other languages, I know it can't be hard because others have or are learning it and making strides. I have a hard time understanding how to write it and make sense what it means, when I read a Softwares SDK there is a pile of code that you can use to make whateve, I have a book on "Basic" and although it shows me things it doesn't go into much explanation that I can build from to proceed into JavaScript. Hopefully someone has started on the path I'm at currently and could share how they got to Point B :)

Rajarajan - Thanx that is a good starting point, it's links or resources like this that I'm interested in.

Thanx for the link, but the guide is too technical for me at this point. I did find a JavaScript book that I can only hope would help. I'm open to more suggestions in this thread :)