I'm learning JavaScript for software that I'm learning it's SDK. I have a weak understanding of programming and because of that I would like to know the basic JavaScript foundation when coding that applies to no matter what your scripting in this language. A

Anyone have any guidelines PDF or books etc?

What about something for the beginner ? Basic things like understanding the basic syntax to comments because I'm working with a specific softwares SDK and I'd like to learn the basic to tie it in with the SDK Syntax.


If you have not been there already this link:
could be useful for you.
Here you will find basic JavaScript syntax and examples.

Good luck :)

Thanx that helps.

The problem I have is wrapping my head around JavaScript and all other languages, I know it can't be hard because others have or are learning it and making strides. I have a hard time understanding how to write it and make sense what it means, when I read a Softwares SDK there is a pile of code that you can use to make whateve, I have a book on "Basic" and although it shows me things it doesn't go into much explanation that I can build from to proceed into JavaScript. Hopefully someone has started on the path I'm at currently and could share how they got to Point B :)

Rajarajan - Thanx that is a good starting point, it's links or resources like this that I'm interested in.

this might also help you out, learning your way in JavaScript...
ECMAScript Standards

Thanx for the link, but the guide is too technical for me at this point. I did find a JavaScript book that I can only hope would help. I'm open to more suggestions in this thread :)

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