Hello, im from Norway and doing a job i php. I was wondering if you could help me.

Im makeing a script for a tender web site. The web site will contain as following:

Register Tender
Register Company

When i register a tender i must fill out information about the project and when i click submit i will resive a mail with username an password.

When i register a comapny i will select area, what kind of project i want, and when i clik submit i will resive a mail with usernam and password.

The the tender must show as newest tender on the home page. This must happend everytime a tender i registerd.

Then the company will resive a mail every day with the newest tender from the area i selected and project type i selected.

And the client that post a tender can log in and change his information and cancel the tender when hi have chosen a contractor.

When the compani log in he can change his inforamtion and change the area and type of project and se a list of all the posted tender last month form his controll panel page.

Hope somebody can help or maybe i can pay to make this.

Please i realy need some help.

Why did you accept a coding project if you don't know how to do it, or even a rough idea?

You will need to learn about MySQL & how to use it in PHP before you can begin to make something like this...