What are some good JavaScript project for beginners? I have a decent understanding of programming itself, I familiarize myself with JavaScript for the past couple of days, but don't exactly know what I can write for it.

Any ideas?

good JavaScript project for beginners?

A display clock.
When you tire of changing formats/styles/animation/timezones/etc. move on to a simple [unix-style] calendar:
   mmm yyyy   
 d d d d d d d
      1 2 3 4 5
 6 7 8 9 etc  

Basic as they are, these will acquaint you with quite a range of language features (both good and bad) and a fair number of HTML integration concepts.

A calculator :D that should be fine for a project for beginners :D

Try with simple examples of using date/time, retrieving contents of the page elements, setting values for the tag from javascript. Calculator is also a good start for one who didn't know the programming logics. but javascript not only handle the logics also has to play with your html page elements. So go thru some samples


Ita not only a programming language, It is also about communication & integeration!

HELP! Im a total noob! Please could anyone help me with my radio button project, I wanna display 4 radio buttons, and if Im going to click the INSERT/submit button, the value of the radio button that I have selected will display in a textbox! (SAME PAGE) HELP!!! :(

w3school's where I got myself familiarized with the language

I made a javascript/xhtml calculator from scratch :p good learning experiance.

Just make images in paint of numbers 0-9, symbols x,/,*,+, make a 'clear' button, and make a 'clear last input' button; and finally have a calculate button.

Then just make 2 spans, one editted (via javascript) according to input, and second editted for the ouptut (after calculation)

Try "code year" out. It's really good for beginners. I did try to post on here already but some guy called Pete deleted it but I thought I would give it another go because if this forum isn't open enough to share work that other people are doing for free then boo to Daniweb 'the friendliest' community on the web. I have no affilation with code year and i'm not going to put a link on but worth googling (other search engines are available)

My favourite beginners' exercise is a "Combined Gas Laws" calculator.

The basic equation (for a closed system) is simple:

v1 * p1 / t1 = v2 * p2 / t2

The challenge is to establish a human interface that allows a closed system :

  • to be set up with initial values
  • to be recalculated after manually adjusting volume, pressure or temperature (ie. to fix either one of the other two parameters and recalculate the third).
  • to be re-initialised with new initial values (without refreshing the page).

I have my own solution to this tucked away on an old computer somewhere. It would look rather old-fashioned now that we have jQuery and I have a better knowledge of javascript design patterns. A solution that used jQuery UI sliders to adjust the parameters would be cool.


maybe a script that checks when the previous post was, to verify whether or not it still is an active thread.

this way, you can have something like :

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if ( activeThread )
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